Clare Smith Marash

FUNDing FOR Critical WORK 

Clare is an experienced grantwriter and fundraiser. At the The Center for Music National Service, she cultivated her skills and successfully secured over $400,000 for the organization in eighteen months. At the World Science Festival, she led all reporting to the organization's founding sponsors, supported fundraising communications, and developed materials to diversify funding streams. She has also written grants for RISC, the BEAT Festival, the All Stars Project and The (Dis)Honesty Project

In total, Clare has helped secure roughly $4.2 million for her clients. 

Having worked in both the programmatic and development sides of nonprofits, Clare has a holistic understanding of the philanthropic world and is able to assist clients in developing a fundraising strategy and managing resources as well as producing content. 


Typical rates range from $65 - 85/hour. Some small projects can be done for a pre-determined flat rate. To get a quote, please contact Clare below. 

References available by request. 

clean and clear Content

Clare is a skilled copywriter who has worked for a variety of clients, including the World Science Festival,, The (Dis)Honesty Project and MADEO. She's known for her efficiency — both in the language she uses and the speed at which she produces it. Particularly for the web, she believes information should be communicated clearly and concisely.


Pricing varies by project. To get a quote, please contact Clare below. 

References available by request. 

writing about science & culture 

Clare's nonfiction writing has appeared online at the World Science Festival, The Week, Time, The Oxford American, and the West Side Rag. 

Recent publications: 

Smart Reads: Christine Kenneally's 'The Invisible History of the Human Race'

Is There Really Such A Thing As A 'Morning Person'

5 Major Extinctions - And One More We May Be Causing Right Now

James Cameron's 3D Journey To The Bottom Of The Sea

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A winner of the Hopwood Award in Short Fiction and a graduate of the MFA program at Columbia University, Clare had her first short story published in 2014. Waking was published in print in the Spring Issue of All Hollow magazine. She's currently working on a novel and editing a collection of short stories.