Clare Smith Marash

I am a writer and producer based in New York City.


In my role at SALTY Features, I have written, produced, and directed documentary shorts on behavioral economics, ethics, and medicine. In addition, as head of production for The People, I spearheaded the production of over 180 short films for democratic state legislative candidates around the country.

I am also part of a comedic writing team with Jordan Kai Burnett and Daisy Eagan. Together we produce the live cabaret Brunch of Shame.



My writing has appeared online at the Scientific American, The Lancet, The Week, Time, The Oxford American, and the World Science Festival, among others.

Select publications: 

Heath Care Professionals Make Mistakes, and That’s Okay

Educating Physicians Won’t Solve Burnout

How Do Nuclear Power Plants Work?

Smart Reads: Christine Kenneally's 'The Invisible History of the Human Race'

5 Major Extinctions - And One More We May Be Causing Right Now


My short story, Waking, was published in print in the Spring 2014 Issue of All Hollow magazine. I’m currently working on a novel and editing a collection of short stories. 



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